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Vallarta Pride arises from the initiative to create an Association that promotes and defends equality for the lgbtq+Q+ community being much more than an exciting event full of fun and entertainment, as it includes cultural and artistic events, film festivals, sports, fashion shows and much more to celebrate the amazing diversity, promoting at all times, to feel proud of our nature.
Puerto Vallarta Pride is an annual lgbtq+Q+ event that takes place in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The event typically takes place in late May or early June, and celebrates the lgbtq+Q+ community with a week-long series of activities, including parades, parties, concerts, and cultural events.

جشن غرور معمولاً با رژه سنتی پراید آغاز می‌شود که در خیابان‌های Puerto Vallarta می‌پیچد و در پیاده‌روی معروف Malecón به پایان می‌رسد. در طول هفته، رویدادها و فعالیت‌های فرهنگی مختلفی مانند نمایشگاه‌های هنری، نمایش فیلم و نمایش درگ نیز برگزار می‌شود. بسیاری از بارها، رستوران ها و کلوپ های شبانه محلی نیز رویدادها و مهمانی های ویژه ای را در طول هفته برگزار می کنند.

In addition to the celebrations, Puerto Vallarta Pride also serves as an important opportunity for community building and advocacy. The event often features speakers and workshops on topics such as lgbtq+Q+ rights and inclusion, as well as opportunities to connect with local lgbtq+Q+ organizations and activists.

Accompanied by an impressive Pride parade that runs through the main streets of the city, showing the creativity of different companies and individuals that under an annual theme, decorate their vehicles and dress in the colors of the rainbow. This annual event has placed Puerto Vallarta in the spotlight as one of the main places in the world to celebrate lgbtq+Q+ Pride.
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  1. Casa Cupula Luxury lgbtq+ Boutique Hotel: Casa Cupula is an exclusive boutique hotel catering to the lgbtq+ community. It boasts stylishly designed rooms, an on-site gourmet restaurant called Taste, and a relaxing spa. The hotel also has three pools, including a clothing-optional saltwater pool. Located in the beautiful Amapas neighborhood, Casa Cupula is just a short walk away from the famous Los Muertos Beach. Check Availability and Prices:

  2. هتل عطارد - همجنسگرا دوستانه: هتل مرکوریو یک هتل همجنسگرا پسند است که در قلب منطقه رمانتیک پورتو والارتا واقع شده است. اتاق‌های راحت با تهویه‌ی مطبوع، استخر، و یک بار محبوب کنار استخر که میزبان رویدادهای ساعت شاد روزانه است، ارائه می‌کند. این هتل تنها چند بلوک با ساحل فاصله دارد و تا رستوران‌ها، بارها و کلوب‌های مختلف فاصله دارد. بررسی در دسترس بودن و قیمت ها:

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