lgbtq+Q+ rights in Brazil are among the most advanced in Latin America and the world. gay couples in Brazil enjoy the same rights guaranteed to heterosexual ones since May 2013, including marriage. Brazil is a large country with a vibrant and active gay scene. The Brazilian guys are hot and they know how to party. While the destination to be is certainly Rio, there are other areas of the country that are quaint and offer a lot for the gay traveler. Gay rights are coming quickly to Brazil, and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle has never been greater. If you enjoy great weather, sun and surf, and more than enough great looking guys to go around, then this is your place!
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Brazil is a vibrant and diverse country, and its lgbtq+Q+ community is no exception. Here are some popular gay events and hotspots in Brazil:

رویدادهای همجنس گرایان:

  1. رژه غرور سائوپائولو: این بزرگترین رژه غرور همجنس گرایان در جهان است و هر ساله در ماه ژوئن در سائوپائولو برگزار می شود. این رویداد میلیون ها نفر را به خود جذب می کند و شامل موسیقی، رقص و رژه عظیم در شهر است.

  2. Rio Carnival: The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous festivals in the world, and it is also an inclusive event for the lgbtq+Q+ community. The Gay Ball is one of the biggest events of the carnival, with drag queens, DJs, and live performances.

  3. Mix Brasil Festival: This is a film festival that takes place in São Paulo and showcases lgbtq+Q+ films and documenteries from all over the world. The festival also features parties and cultural events.

  4. روز همجنس گرایان در دیزنی: این یک رویداد سالانه است که در پارک های دیزنی در اورلاندو، فلوریدا و آناهیم، ​​کالیفرنیا برگزار می شود. در برزیل، روز همجنس گرایان در دیزنی در شهربازی هوپی هاری در سائوپائولو برگزار می شود.

  5. Recifest: This is a lgbtq+ film festival that takes place in Recife, Brazil. The festival features screnings of international and Brazilian lgbtq+ films, as well as debates and workshops.

نقاط داغ همجنس گرایان:

  1. محله لاپا در ریودوژانیرو، با بارها و کلوب‌هایی که تا دیروقت شب باز هستند، مکانی محبوب برای زندگی شبانه همجنس‌گرایان است.

  2. The Jardins neighborhood in São Paulo is home to many lgbtq+Q+-friendly bars, restaurants, and shops.

  3. Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro is a popular spot for lgbtq+Q+ travelers, with a section of the beach known as "Rainbow Beach" where many lgbtq+Q+ people gather.

  4. The Frei Caneca Street in São Paulo is a popular area for lgbtq+Q+ nightlife, with many bars and clubs that cater to the community.

  5. The "Gay Circuit" in Florianopolis is a series of gay-friendly beaches, bars, and clubs that cater to lgbtq+Q+ travelers. This area is particularly popular during the summer months.

ریودوژانیرو - Latin America's main gay Mecca, Rio has been chosen as the sexiest gay destination in 2010 by TripOut Gay Travel Awards. In 2009 it was elected as the best lesbigay global destination. Has its famous gay beach. During colonial times, the first gay ball of the Americas took place in Rio, in 1757. However, in spite of all this, Rio is far from being exactly a paradise of lgbtq+Q+ tolerance. Outside the traditional gay points of Farme de Amoedo street in Ipanema and parts of Copacabana, same-sex displays of affection are likely to attract looks, whistles and other forms of mockery. More than that - true hate violence - is rare and unlikely, but not impossible. Also, don't mistake the fact that locals often wear little clothing for sexual liberalness; it only means that people tend to be informal. Rio is actually much more conservative than it appears at first sight, and machismo is prevalent in local culture, which shouldn't be surprising in the city with the largest populations of elderly and military people in Brazil. That said, the wealthy southern ocean front beach area, where most tourists stay, is far more liberal than the poorer northern suburbs, and serious incidents are unlikely.

سائو پائولو - Home to the world's largest gay pride festival, with some 3 million participants annually, São Paulo also has an extremely lively and open gay scene, with dozens of big gay clubs and businesses, and a traditional meeting point (especially for bears and more mature gay men) at Vieira de Carvalho avenue in downtown. Paulista Avenue also always has a lot of gays and lesbians walking and cruising all the time; so do Ibirapuera Park and some shopping malls like Frei Caneca. Local culture tends to value privacy and not fussing around other people's lives, so there is significant social tolerance, especially among educated people. Still, odd looks and mockery can occur, and there have been a few cases of serious violent attacks by self-styled "skinheads" on gay and even just seemingly gay men, especially in the Paulista Avenue area and on weekend nights and early mornings. The State of São Paulo has a law against discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation, which can theoretically mean heavy fines to offenders, but police and other authorities are often non-cooperative and/or unaware of the law's existence, and it can be hard to ensure that it is enforced should something occur. The City of São Paulo administration has a Coordination for Sexual Diversity and they can be more helpful; so can the city's many and very active lgbtq+ NGOs.
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